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Network Support

What’s the use of having a shiny new cloud – when your network is down?
Professional personalised network support for your business. We can cover everything from single site to multi site. We will keep you connected.


IT Security

Arguably the most important piece of the IT Jigsaw!
You’ve heard about “hacking” on the news. Don’t let your IT and company secrets fall into the wrong hands. Antivirus, Antimalware, Firewall, Intrusion Testing – we have you covered.


Cloud Services

Cloud Hosting is a generic term for anything hosted within the internet. Cloud Hosting offers many advantages over traditional server based on premise services. Companies have been used to spending vast sums of money on servers to fulfil their computing needs. The Cloud has now become a game changer!


IT Support

You’ve spent your money on your IT Investment, so what now?
Bespoke IT Support tailored to your business. From 1 PC to 10000 we can provide expert IT Support to fix your issues fast.

About us

ABL Networks was born from one simple ethos – to provide Total Technology Solutions to everyone.

Having worked in the industry for years, our founder Adam Fyfe has worked for many different companies at the highest levels and knows how and why IT is important to any business.

It’s important to us that you can get on with running your business and be safe in the knowledge your IT will just work. Lets face it, no-one wants to spend money on IT equipment, let alone support, but in this “online age” its essential.

We take the fuss out of it. One price, One service – GREAT Service.

Professional Support and attentive help at all steps.

We want to partner with you to make sure your getting the best out of every £ of your technology spend.

ABL Networks – Total Technology Solutions for Wilmslow, Cheshire and beyond. Call now to discover a new approach to IT – 01625 800272

ABL Networks – Total Technology Solutions.



Network Support

Network Support is defined as making sure your network is only accessible by you and those you allow. Should someone external to you access your network, they could sit and read your email, look at your documents, and even watch what you are doing on the internet. Effective, smart, simple network security isn't rocket science, but it should be part of any IT Strategy. We can help. Lets start with a FREE Network Audit. Contact us.

IT Security

Protecting your IT assets should be as important as making sure only people you trust have a door key or alarm code.

IT Security is essential. It’s as simple as that.

How many stories have you heard of data breaches, hack attacks, passwords being stolen, credit card information taken ?

Imagine – what if your chief sales manager took copies of all your customers, and sold them to a competitor. How would that affect your business ?

Imagine – you got infected with a virus, which deleted all your files and backups. You came in the office Monday morning with no data. no email. no spreadsheets. no documents.

This is the reality of the need for good IT security.

Let’s start with a free security audit. Contact us. NOW !


Cloud Services

Business Telephony in a real world

The benefits of the cloud and the ever increasing popularity of VoIP is mainly perceived as business agility – the dramatic shortening of provisioning of a company’s scalable resources – and one of the most compelling cases for switching to business class VoIP solutions is about value creation to enable innovation.

The use of VoIP technology has resulted in far better integration in the office and communications in general, which has led to the efficient employment of staff resources to achieve noticeable increases in employee productivity.

Business class VoIP solutions from ABL Networks

Once upon a time as a business you would spend £5,000 on a large brown box that was delivered. In that box was a server.

You may have never really understood why, how, who, you just knew it was needed to make your IT work.

Essentially, the cloud means that server no longer has to sit and consume loads of electricity, generate loads of heat and noise in your office.

Cloud is this - IT Services based somewhere on the internet. So you use your internet connection to access a server for xyz purpose. Just like your reading this now, this website is hosted on a server.

Cloud Hosting can be used for virtually anything.

If your server is old, out of date, or you've been told by a supplier it needs replacing, that's an ideal time to consider the cloud.

BUT !!! Cloud Hosting is not for everyone! It needs careful consideration - what do you have now? how does it all work together?

We have been involved in the cloud for years, before the cloud even knew its place in the IT world!

Contact us now, and we can see if the Cloud gets a yes, or a no !

Fast Web hosting is a must.

Turbo Charge your online investment and make sure your site is seen and seen fast,

Read more here

IT Support

IT Support is always something nobody wants to pay for. It's expected that your computers will "just behave" and you've probably got your fingers crossed that nothing will go wrong. Having experienced issues from a single PC misbehaving, to an entire network going down, we have seen it all. Unlike some companies who choose to furnish you with a menu of 500 different options, our approach is simple – IT SUPPORT. Once engaged we act as your own personalised IT Department, right by your side (well, a phone call away). You can speak to use by Phone, Email, Skype and even telepathy Our clear pricing means you will never receive an invoice your not expecting, and our pricing is EXTREMELY competitive given the service received. Give us a try – if we don't exceed your expectations, we will gladly cancel the contract and you can walk away. (but this has never happened, well not yet !) Get in touch now, even if you have a one off problem or just need a chat about something. Lets build a relationship you can rely on – you never know when your IT may might let you down.  

We specialise and can advise on all areas of IT Support, including but not limited to:

Microsoft Products:

Exchange Server 5.5 / 2000 / 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2013 and upcoming 2016

SQL Server – All Versions

Sharepoint – All Versions

Dynamics / CRM – All Versions

SBS (Small Business Server) – All Versions

Sage Products:

Sage Accounts – All Versions

Sage Payroll – All Versions

ACT! – All Versions



Jean Paul – Webace

ABL Networks provide web hosting services for us, which is lightening fast! Their support is simply superb. Highly recommended!

Mike Minton – SITC

ABL have been working with SITC for over 5 years and in this time I have lost count of the number of times that Adams knowledge, patience and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty have benefited us

Kevin – Digital Reproductions

Simple straight forward support. Would highly recommend especially for anyone who knows the panic of having a website or server issue.

PJT Resourcing

ABL Networks have supported us for a number of years and provide our excellent VoIP system which has transformed our working. Thanks Guys – Highly recommended

John Peters – ARC Architects Ltd

Since first contacting ABL Networks, I have received nothing but first class service. We initially had a relatively small problem with our broadband but have since taken Hosted email, web hosting and IT Support with them. Its easy, and my staff love the personal service of dealing with such a friendly, willing and able team.

Geoff Johnston – Johnston Joinery

Just what I needed – someone who can explain things in a way I can understand without baffling me. Took care of my issues and never let me down. Thank you



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