A Third of UK Businesses putting Revenue at Risk

Government Cyber Security Research finds Businesses don’t consider Cyber Security a Priority






New research by Cyber Streetwise, the government’s cyber security and safety campaign, has found that small to medium sized businesses are putting a third of their revenue at risk because they’re falling for the myths of cyber security. This leaves them at risk of losing valuable data which can effect both profits and reputation.

The research also found that only 16% of all businesses surveyed believe that improving their cyber security is a top priority for 2015. Obviously more businesses need to be aware of their security measures and ensure they have the right protection in place to avoid any risks to their data. What can you do to avoid data compromise? Here are a few key points to keep in mind when thinking about your business’ data security.


Everyone involved in your business needs to be aware of the security implications of their role and how to keep security at the forefront of their minds throughout their work activities. Staying aware and understanding the protection you can put in place to protect against security breaches, such as spam filters and firewalls, is the first step in protecting your business against data compromise.


Closely tied to awareness is educating your staff and yourself on the importance of security in the workplace. It is also important to choose vendors who have similar commitment to their security. Your employee policy should have enforced password, social media and bring-your-own-device sections written in from day one. The better educated your workforce are in terms of cyber security, the more chance is they’ll exercise good practice in all that they do.


There are thousands of potential software programmes and applications which can help monitor the security of your business networks and connections. Anti-virus software, spam filters and VPNs can help protect your business data both inside and outside of your network. A monitoring service should also be in place to keep track of all employee credentials, the company’s credit records, to detect any fraudulent activity.

Damage Limitation

All companies need a security breach management plan in place. If the worst is to happen you have to be ready for it and being ready for it means you can minimise downtime and reduce the cost of repairing a data breach. It will also help keep your customer relationships in better shape and there is less chance your business’ reputation will be seriously damaged.

With these tips in mind there is no reason you can’t go about your business in a safe and secure environment, protected from data risks and prepared if an unlikely breach does occur.

Posted by Beth on 27th April 2015 at 10:55 am