Passwords – How to help yourself

Is My Password Secure ?


If you follow the news, you will have heard about the Ashley Madison, Talk Talk, Linkedin Hacks [the list goes on] whereby millions of user details were stolen and now the passwords have been hacked and revealed on popular sharing sites like Pastebin and on the Dark Web.

Basically, any website worth it’s salt encrypts user password (including ours).

However, even if passwords are encrypted, if they are based upon simple words or phrases they can be easily cracked – like ‘password’ or ‘Password123’.

When choosing your password, you MUST choose one that is not easily guessable by anyone. Including family and friends if its for banking or credit card websites. Its also a very good idea to change your password regularly, at least every 30 days.

Examples of a good password:



Examples of a bad password:



The entire idea is to create something that is not easy to guess, and not based upon one word, so using a phrase with numbers punctuation marks is a great idea.

Most importantly it must be something you can remember – NEVER write your password down. Treat it as safe as your PIN number for your bank Card! And don’t use the same password for all accounts.

And don’t forget ALWAYS change default passwords on any new devices – WiFi Routers, Webcams, CCTV IP Cameras etc.

You can use the free Password Generator here

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