Choosing the right business web hosting for your website

Choosing The Right Web Hosting For Your Business

Most small buisness’ start with a website which they are rightly proud of. An investment is made and money spent not only on it’s design, but SEO and marketing to do what we all strive for – get a return on that investment. This all takes time, hard work, and monetary investment.

The majority of the time, little or no focus is made on the one critical thing which can make your website a great success and vital business asset, or, a flop !

In our experience, most people make the wrong choice for the wrong reasons when it comes to their business web hosting.

What If I make the wrong choice ?

Being in business is generally about one thing – making as much money as possible. When “bad business web hosting choices go bad” this can adversely affect your websites ability to make you the maximum (if any at all) money.

Think of these points:

  • No Money earned – Lets say you have a website, which sells pencils. You sell 100 pencils everyday. Your site goes down on a Tuesday morning. Your site is down for 1 hour. Tuesday you sell only 50 pencils. That’s half of your normal sales lost. Big companies (think eBay, Amazon, Tesco) lose millions of pounds when they hit problems.
  • SEO Ranking – Google likes sites which are fast and reliable. Your hard earned SEO ranking can be hurt by poor quality web hosting.
  • Company Reputation – If your site is slow, or down frequently, customers are unlikely to return a second time !
  • Security  – No one can guarantee a 100% secure website.  You should be able to rely on your web host providing you a secure platform to house your site. Poor quality web hosting is more likely to suffer hack attempts, out of date software and poorly maintained servers.

How Do I Choose my Web Hosting Provider?

At ABL Networks, we do not offer a “one size fits all” hosting service. For many years I have often wondered how any company can offer web hosting at a fixed price BEFORE even talking to a customer. How do they know your needs ? how do they know what your website is all about ?

Costs should not be the primary concern. Running your website on hosting costing 99p per month isn’t going to give you the cream of the crop web hosting. Your site is likely running on a server with 1000 other sites. DO you expect to get good support ? for 99p per month ? This may be fine for a hobby site or personal blog, but for your business it simply will not do.

Can your web host scale ? if you have a promotion and drive more visitors to your site, will it be able to handle the sudden increase in traffic ?

There is a lot to think about.

But mainly, choose a web host that is secure, fast and reliable.

Test their own website using a tool like Pingdom and see how their own site performs.

We are always here to give excellent advice – get in touch today.

If you run your website on CPanel or Plesk, see our unique backup solutions and see how they could give you peace of mind.