Cloud Computing Services

Once upon a time as a business you would spend £5,000 on a large brown box that was delivered. In that box was a server.

You may have never really understood why, how, who, you just knew it was needed to make your IT work.

Now, the cloud is here.

Essentially, the cloud means that server no longer has to sit and consume loads of electricity, generate loads of heat and noise in your office.

Cloud is this – IT Services based somewhere on the internet. So you use your internet connection to access a server for xyz purpose. Just like your reading this now, this website is hosted on a server.

Cloud Hosting can be used for virtually anything.

We provide Cloud Computing Services in Manchester and all of the UK.

If your server is old, out of date, or you’ve been told by a supplier it needs replacing, that’s an ideal time to consider the cloud.

BUT !!! Cloud Hosting is not for everyone! It needs careful consideration – what do you have now? how does it all work together?

We have been involved in the cloud for years, before the cloud even knew its place in the IT world!

Contact us now, and we can see if the Cloud gets a yes, or a no !