cPanel Backup services

Online cPanel Backup services


Do you, like so many others use CPanel or Plesk to host your website ? Why not ! Lots of the lower end hosting providers are offering such cheap deals on hosting its a temptation not to be missed. ABL Networks offer Cpanel and Plesk Backup services.

We have a bespoke solution for providing off-server backups for your website and email.

Imagine – if your VPS went to the great "scrapheap in the Cloud" what would you do ? if your website files and email were lost forever – or at least as far back as the last backup you remembered to take.

Our solution is simple.

We take a backup every night of all your files.

That backup is then securely moved to our servers and encrypted.

It is then copied to ANOTHER server using our Cpanel and Plesk Backup services.

So you end up with a robust, automated, secure and resilient service keeping your website and files safe and secure no matter what happens.

We do not charge for access to the backups, we provide full FTP access so you can access at any time.

Your backups will be kept for up to 30 days.

You can be safe in the knowledge that your website is backed up, offsite with no intervention from you required.

Contact us now for a quote – you won't be dissapointed!