Fast Secure VPS Servers Hosted in Manchester

VPS Servers from ABL Networks

We believe in providing nothing but the best for our customers.
Some providers advertise “menu” pricing for their VPS servers but we have found through experience not all standard packages fit all use scenarios.
Take a web server – Lots of RAM and Fast Disks are a must to make sure websites can be served fast and snappy. Whilst a backup server can afford slower disks and less RAM since the speed of data flow is not mission critical.

All of our servers are based in our secure Data Centre space in Manchester’s Media City – right at the heart of the new Northern Powerhouse.
Using blazingly fast Hypervisor hardware and SSD disks, we can create a VPS server to fit your needs like a glove – you only pay for exactly what you need. All backed by our obsessive support and free nightly backups.

We can supply VPS servers via HYPER-V or KVM hypervisors – the choice is yours.

  • RAM choices are whatever you need from 256Mb right up to 64Gb.
  • No Limits on Data Transfer.
  • No Limits on your usage (provided its legal).
  • Easy upgrade to a higher spec almost-on-demand.

Our state of the art Data centre supplies super fast high bandwidth interconnects using some of the UK’s fastest internet back bones, connected to our Hypervisors with dual redundant 1GBPs ports.

We can supply any network configuration including Free IPv6 IP addresses.
Choice of OS is yours – any version of Windows or Linux can be accommodated. You can even use your own ISO uploaded to us if you have a custom install.

Why not contact us today and discuss your needs and we can give you a free no obligation quote.