Google Announces New Features of Chrome 42 for Android

downloadGoogle has released information about the latest version of their Chrome browser for Android users. Now the 42nd version of the browser, there are new features to help streamline and ensure every Android user using Chrome has the best possible UX.

Google announced the changes in a new blog post on their Chromium blog and the biggest change to the browser is in the launch of notifications from websites, without the need to have an app installed. In practice this would mean Android users would receive handy notifications from eBay or any other service without needing the specific app installed. This is Google’s next step in ensuring their browser adheres to the latest and emerging standards in push notifications and they plan to ensure their new feature works with a range of key websites including eBay, Facebook, Pinterest and Mobify.

The latest version of Chrome will also allow Android users to add shortcuts to their home screen in a single click. It should mean quicker and easier access to snippets of information as and when they’re required.

Google also mentions that they have made inroads into the technology to allow websites to access your phone’s camera and we’ll be looking out see what they do next with this functionality.

Other handy and innovative features of Chrome 42 include the option of ‘Where’s my phone’ being typed onto your desktop and your Android smartphone being shown on a map. This is an extension of the Android Device Manager and simplifies the process.

Android for Work has also been made more accessible as it had previously only ben available on Android 5.0 Lollipop where it’s already built in. The service can now be downloaded for Jelly Bean users and it allows individuals who use their phone for work and personal accounts to keep the two completely separate.

Always at the cutting edge of the latest developments, it’s good to see Google still harnessing as many new, convenient and innovative ideas as possible with their latest incarnation of their browser for Android.

Posted by Beth on 23rd April 2015 at 1:56 pm