Hybrid Cloud Adoption

Study Suggests Hybrid Cloud Adoption will triple in Three Years

Hybrid Cloud Adoption

New research has suggested within the next three years the adoption of hybrid cloud is set to triple. The research has come from Peer 1 Hosting and says economic reasons are the driving force between the huge increase in adoption. Here we’re looking at exactly what hybrid cloud is and what the research truly revealed.

What is a Hybrid Cloud?

A hybrid cloud is an integrated cloud service which uses both public and private clouds to deliver a range of specific functions within a company.  A hybrid cloud allows a company to maximise its efficiency as adopting public cloud services for all non-sensitive operations and private cloud in other circumstances allows for an integrated and effective system.

So in effect, a Hybrid Cloud is a “Franken-Cloud” approach mixing traditional on-premise infrastructure, Private Cloud services and Public Cloud Services all rolled into one solution.

Hybrid Cloud Deployment at 28% by 2018

The study took data from 900 decision-making IT professionals across the UK and North America and found that whilst 52% of businesses currently use private cloud as their primary IT approach this is something they’re looking to change by 2018. Private cloud deployments are expected to be down at 41% by this year with hybrid cloud adoption up to 28% from 10% currently and the remaining 31% split between on-premise and public facilities.

The main thing that is holding companies back from adopting a hybrid cloud approach is security followed closely by data protection worries, budget constraints and lack of efficiency. However, those behind promoting hybrid cloud services explain that splitting the number of tasks a business operates over both private and public clouds allows for smoother running and with hybrid drawing them both together, it seems to be the perfect solution for many circumstances. Research such as this poll gives those currently working on hybrid cloud solutions real focus on where to go next and the push to create scalable cloud solutions which are both flexible and more importantly secure.

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