Keep Your Data Safe

In today’s world we all are storing every increasingly sensitive information on our computers.

In the case of a laptop / notebook PC a staggering 1,000 laptops are lost or stolen each week in the UK alone.

So, what if you lose your cherished laptop ? if someone with technical knowledge has your laptop, it would be entirely possible for them to access your data and do with it what they liked. Think of all the passwords you’ve clicked “save” to in your browser – email, Facebook, Twitter, Online Stores etc.

A would be hacker would now have all this information – and furthermore access to your online profiles.

Luckily there is a solution. That solution is Drive Encryption.

This is where the data on the hard drive is encrypted. And can ONLY be accessed by you (assuming only you know your password).

Windows 10 comes with a FREE drive encryption utility called BitLocker.

To activate BitLocker follow this simple guide:

  1. Go to Control panel and select BitLocker Drive Encryption


2. Next, in the BitLocker screen choose Enable Drive Encryption

You may be asked to restart to enable TPM (which is the fancy bit in the laptop which allows encryption to work)

Once restarted you will be prompted to save the Encryption Recovery Key – print this out or save it to a USB key and DO NOT LOSE IT!! – this is your ‘Get out of jail free’ card should something go wrong in the future.

Another reboot and you will be presented with the encryption screen:



Once complete your hard drive is secure!

This process may take time depending on your hard drive size and computer speed.

If you find this useful, please let us know and comment below.