Office Moves

Moving Office ? Think of these points

Moving office, like moving house can be very stressful,  but exciting at the same time ! New people, new building, new coffee shop, and hopefully a decent sandwich shop nearby !

We have assisted with many office moves. Alot of work goes in at the top level, negotiating leases, heads of lease, dilapidation, staff / HR consideration, letter head and stationary printing, someone to move the desks and the dusty filing cabinet.

True story – on an office move we helped with, we helped the movers with a particularly large cabinet, behind it was several crisp wrappers, a banana skin from the ’70s and also…. a cheque for £20k that got “lost” !!

So we have a van. we’ve told the staff. We’ve told Royal Mail we are moving. Clients have been told. Shiny pictures have been taken for Facebook and Twitter. Thats it. Right ?

What about your IT ?

  • Broadband ?
  • Telephone Lines ?
  • IP Addresses for any hosted services ?

Oh, did you forget about these ? Not to worry. Its a simple mistake !

If your moving office, you need to consider your IT.

We can help with all of the following, and take the pain out if it.

All we need is your old address, new address, date and time of move – that’s it (oh and a signed contract for our fee)

  • PSTN (Telephone Line) “Lift and Shift” (that’s what the telecoms companies call it)
  • Broadband “re-provision” (that’s what the telecoms companies call it)
  • Pre-Assessment (that’s what we call a hand hold BEFORE the move to make sure all is in hand)

So if your moving out of area, its not always possible to keep your phone number and move it with you. We can check this out, and if you cannot take it with you (they call it porting) we can advise the best way of progressing.

We are also able to provide an “IT Move” service, securely packaging your PC’s, Monitor;s, Phones, laptops, printers photocopiers, servers etc etc and moving them at your new home, all tested, all working.

Get in touch with us if you are considering an office move. We can advise what we can do, what you need to do, and we will take as much off your hands as we can so you can focus on the rest.