Can I Protect Myself from Ransomware ?

**UPDATED** Before you do ANYTHING… make sure you’ve installed this patch from Microsoft

With the recent NHS “ransomware” outbreak it seems that even some of the largest companies cannot be immune to being infected by the recent swathe of virus and malware outbreaks.

So the question begs, for the small/medium business who don’t have an army of IT staff, just what can you do to protect yourself ?


I have said this word more times than any other in my career in IT. Backups, Backups, Backups.

The need for proper backups cannot be overstated enough.

For the small business, this may be as simple as saving files to Dropbox or OneDrive (*other online storage services are available)

If you have a large amount of data, or a complicated folder structure, a Cloud Backup solution is for you. This is where your files are securely copied to the cloud every night. The next night, only files which have changed or added are copied, meaning you always have an off site copy of your data.

Even if you copy your important files to a flash drive – that’s better than no backup at all !usb flash drive

Our advise is a simple “protect your self as much as you can” strategy – you cannot ever be 100% protected.


You MUST have good anti virus software installed.

There are some good ones out there for free, some paid for.

We offer a cloud based fully managed solution for less than £4.00 per month per PC which includes full management and proactive alerting.

Whatever solution you have – make sure its kept up to date !


The vast majority of virus and malware enter your computer via infected email attachments.

As a rule of thumb – if you don’t know the sender – consider it unsafe !! be very wary of opening attachments unless your expecting the email. Make sure your AV software is scanning your email.

We have dealt with many different infections over the years and some of them are harder to remove than others. Generally its an accepted practice and advice NOT to pay for ransomware demands, as it only fuels the fire. if you can restore from a good backup, your good to go – then you can post mortem and work out how to stop it happening again.

We are always here to help, give free advice and offer our very cost effective services.

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