Effective Spam Filtering

The Importance of having an effective Spam Filter

Mailguard Spam Filtering

Email is integral to your business’ operation and practically everyone’s daily lives too. Billions of emails are sent every day and a huge number of these are simply spam.

Spam is usually defined as irrelevant or nuisance email which usually have an ulterior motive in the form of phishing, advertising or the spreading of malware and viruses.

Managing and controlling spam is essential for the smooth running of your business, avoids the need for employees to sift their own individual spam folders and can speed up your server’s efficiency.

Below is a closer look at the key reasons having an effective spam filter in place really matters.

Spam can Clog up Employee Inboxes and cause Distraction


Spam is completely useless and there is absolutely no use for it in your inbox. Simple.

Allowing spam to reach your employees means they have to deal with it manually which takes their focus off their core business tasks and every now and again you may get somebody who just risks clicking one of the rogue links within an email – this then creates the potential for either more lost employee time, or even worse, a security breach.

An effective spam filter ensures the emails never reach your employees.

Spam can be a serious Security Concern


As we’ve seen above, if an employee replies to or clicks on a link within a spam email then you could see an unauthorised person with access to your network.

Many spam emails trigger cookies which them allow the spammers to track who has opened the email, ensuring that address is added to even more spam email lists. Cookies can also send information back to the spammer about the system and potentially cause a serious security breach.

Spammers can use tactics to send malicious payloads in the email which when ran can wreak havoc across your network. Worse case they can log your keyboard activity and steal passwords and report them back to the criminal to log into your bank as you.

Spam can bog down your Server


Servers to hold a certain amount of information, Inevitably if your server is processing massive amounts of email which is spam, this puts more load on your server resources which doesn’t need to be there. This will slow down your other activities.

Especially with the advent of cloud server facilities you probably pay for a limit on the amount of space you have and with this in mind, every byte of space is precious. If you are constantly receiving a stream of spam email then your server will have to work harder and it will naturally become slower over time. Equally individual equipment also has limited hard drive space and the fuller it gets the slower it will perform, or in the cloud environment your monthly billing will get higher due to the increase in space.

At ABL Networks we offer a service called MailGuard. MailGuard offers content and email spam filtering and proactively works to stop harmful viruses and barrages of spam email entering your network and reaching your inbox.

MailGuard filters both inbound and outbound email through its multi-layered systems. The key with MailGuard is, we capture and eliminate the spam BEFORE it reaches your network.

From prices which start at £2.50 per month per domain, there’s no reason why not to give us a try.