Systems Monitoring from The Cloud

Why You Need Systems Monitoring


Since many years ago, large corporate networks sometimes had many servers, network devices (think switches, routers, printers, scanners) sometimes spread out across multiple sites and even multiple countries.

As a systems administrator, it can easily become a full time job just to keep tabs on what is where. And also that little used finance printer suddenly is offline the day before month end, the FD won’t be happy !

Luckily there is something we can do.

ABL Networks employ state of the art monitoring software which can be deployed across your network. We can monitor all sorts of devices in all manner of ways.

  • Simple “ping” polling – is the device alive?
  • SNMP polling – gather detailed information on the device like traffic stats, individual port status on a router etc
  • Agentless monitoring – suitable for Unix or Linux systems
  • Agent Monitoring – detailed monitoring for Windows based servers

Our systems monitoring can help build up a picture of what is going on within your network.

We can even provide multiple location monitoring so that we can eradicate false reporting due to your internet connection being down or latent.

Advanced reporting can also help when producing management reports – who doesn’t like to see a nice graph in a report !

The best in breed approach means we can alert using multiple methods – SMS/Text, Skype message, email or even a voice call. The alert will advise what’s wrong, with what device and the exact time when the problem occurred. Once the issue is fixed an “all clear” message will be received.

Contract customers can also get problems fixed for them, so you have the peace of mind that when something goes wrong, we are already working on it.

Each service level is tailored to your needs, so get in contact today and let’s see how we can make your life easier.