Why is a fast website important to your SEO ?

Why it’s Important to Have Fast Web Hosting in Terms of SEO

When it comes to having a good website that ranks well in the likes of Google, Yahoo and Bing there are many factors.

These factors are constantly changing and no-one can really tell you exactly what all the requirements are. However, it’s well known across the Internet that site speed is a crucial component of where your site will rank.

First and foremost you need a well written, technically correct website with good design and good programming.

It’s easy to understand why the speed of your web servers is vital and really important, even outside of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Think about it. Who’s going to stick around on a page that takes more than a few seconds to load?

Internet users want answers and they don’t want to wait around for those answers. And why should they, when they can hit the back button and get the answer from another site that will load almost instantly?

Think back to the last time you were willing to wait for a page to load. How much more likely are you to leave, especially if it’s a site you’ve never been to before or don’t know very well.

This doesn’t mean that more popular sites or older, well known sites are immune. If they begin to become known, in the viewers mind, as a slow site, then visitors will try and find better alternatives.

In fact, it makes sense for Google to measure the average speed it takes for websites to load, so that they can reward good websites. These sites will be rewarded with better rankings and are more likely to be found by searchers. This means that Google has provided websites that provide a better user experience, and visitors are less likely to want to press the back button and find a faster alternative.

It was announced back in 2010 that this is exactly what Google would do.

When users find what they want, by quickly finding the answers they were searching for, then everyone is a winner. The visitor doesn’t get frustrated and will continue to use their search engine of choice.

Things continue to develop and Matt Cutts (senior Search developer at Google) has even announced there will be another speed related update to the Google algorithm, that is responsible for where your website will rank in the SERPs. This time all signs point to the importance of site load times for mobile devices as being the main factor.

As more and more people surf the Internet on their smartphones, it is becoming clear that websites need to cater for this massive stream of traffic. It’s extremely important to ensure your site is Responsive so it can be easily viewed and navigated on a smartphone or a tablet device.

The importance of fast loading times will continue to be an important factor in the future. It’s crucial that you not only have a reliable hosting company and decent speeds but that you also try and reduce your page load time by as much as possible. This will ensure pages on your website will load quickly and be better than the average load time of other sites, which should give you a leg up in the rankings for SEO purposes.

This shouldn’t be seen as a case of hosting speed vs good website, but an opportunity to make sure that people see that you have a good website quickly.

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