What is a VPS ?

What is a VPS and what is it for?

VPS Server

Often you might hear of the term Virtual Private Server (VPS) and probably have no idea what it means or what it is really about. However the idea of a Virtual Server is not rocket science, but quite logical and straight forward.

Virtual Private Servers are basically a type of server that has been divided into its own space, bandwidth and operating system which can then allow the server to exist and function in its own right, whilst being part of a larger “Host server”.

The idea is that each user on the Virtual Private Server will have their own operating system and so on. Therefore when a user logs in to their user account on the server they will only have access to their files and can shut down or power on their operating system when they wish to do so.

Many businesses and individuals use a Virtual Private Server because they are able to control their server in a private environment. So they tend to prefer using a private server over a shared one. A virtual Private Server acts as a physical server and each user will feel as if they are using a different computer.

Advantages of VPS

A virtual private server is a very good form of technology and it has a number of advantages which are that:

  1. If you do not need or require all the software and capabilities included in the VPS you can choose which ones you need as most VPS are fully customisable (whether Windows or Linux based)
  2. VPS servers are not as expensive as other dedicated hosting that use a physical server.
  3. You will have a lot more control over your private server than with shared hosting, and this is very convenient


Disadvantages of VPS

On the other side of the spectrum there are some drawbacks to VPS which includes:

  1. Though it is not as expensive as a dedicated hosting it is much more expensive than shared hosting
  2. You might purchase a VPS and are limited to resources because the VPS you purchased is not able to meet your needs
  3. If the host does not handle your VPS properly there may be issues with your server


Here at ABL Networks we provide VPS and Dedicated servers, as well as traditional web hosting.

As a guide, we provide VPS Servers for a multitude of uses. Typical charges start from £15.00 per month for 2Gb RAM /100Gb HDD. But – our packages are always tailored to your needs!

If your unsure which type of hosting you need, get in touch now.