Windows 10 Start Menu Stops Working

Has your Start Menu stopped “clicking” in Windows 10 ?

We have seen this annoying issue quite a few times.

The return of the start menu was a welcome sight in Windows 10. For reasons which seem unclear, the start menu can just simply stop working, and when clicked nothing happens.

We have seen the fix below work in all cases – give it a try and let us know by commenting below.

Windows 10 Start Menu Fix

Launch Task manager

1. Right Click the taskbar and choose Task Manager

Task Manager

2. Click “Run New Task” and make sure there is a tick in “Create this task with admin …” and type cmd and hit ok


3. You should now have a Command Prompt appear. Type SFC /SCANNOW and hit enter – the process will not start it may take a while depending how fast your PC is and what you have installed etc.

System File Checker

4. Once completed, reboot your PC.

Your Windows 10 Start Meny should now be working !

Let us know how you get on by commenting below.