WordPress Management Service – Coming Soon

WP-ABL – WordPress Management Service coming soon

We see all the time reported issues with software, and new ways hackers find to infiltrate, change, hack, destroy and otherwise disrupt peoples websites.

WordPress is certainly no exception.

One of the main reasons for this is the fact that unless you are constantly on the ball updating things, plugins, WordPress versions, Themes etc all get out of data rather quickly.

The solution ? WP-ABL !

We are almost ready to launch a new service among our portfolio which will offer you peace of mind for your WordPress website.

For the value for money price of £25 per month per site, we will ensure your site is kept bang up to date with the latest updates.

There are of course some exclusions, which mainly are:

  • Any plugins must be available via the plugin directories of wordpress.com and .org
  • Custom written or built plugins are excluded
  • Custom Themes can be included if updates are provided by the theme developer
  • Only WordPress installations in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese can be accommodated

So it doesn’t matter where your site is hosted, or what your site is about, this service is for you.

We are just putting the final touches to our online signup process, so please register your interest below.

Any questions, please get in touch !

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